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The special Action RPG game where are no heroes and worlds to save, no sandboxes or just corridor story. Its an untypical role-playing story-adventure in the culture-oriented cold-blooded setting that has an emphasis on non-hardcore&still fun realism and has multiple strange but original endings during all story through. 

Yes, the graphics are old school like but each location was custom pictured, with enthusiasm and for some of us this graphics' style is actually the point. We also know that the controls are a bit unexpected, but they are really comforted when you used to it. 

And now the last but not the least, if you know how common RPG Maker game mostly looks like - this is the list of ARENA's features and each of them could be that "because" you are searching for:
1. Action fighting system. Scrolls, range' and melee' weapon types included.
2. Hunger-thirst-rest system. It cares that you don't think your character is a biorobot.
3. Kind of open world. Locations here as well as its inhabitants are part of the setting and you are the only one who can make them part of the story. So walk freely, there is gameplay besides the story.
4. Crafting system. Its Gothic like and comprises food and weapon crafting.
5. Multiple story endings. According to the game designer, you have the main character's purpose and the obvious way to achieve it. Like you usually do. But this time you are the mind controller here, so who says the story must end one way? Studio's game designer envisaged it.


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Fun and interesting. Was impressed by weapon and food diversity. That's something. See you later in GTAOnline, Samuel!)

That's nice. See you, Tom!)

Nice story, actually cool combat gameplay!  Started once again, want to reach another ending.


Thank you! That's a pleasure

The music is really nice and I liked  the graphic style, but couldn't find any weapon receipts.. And the controls was tough to find. Update that


Thanks for feedback!
About receipts: SPOILER*You should do betting or find a one of the secret rooms to get them*SPOILER
About controls: there are in-game tutorial and Read Me, just from the start. All information about controls and other mechanics are included.
To read - open them in your inventory (controls are: X, Z, arrows)
P.S. If you write a little review about game in general - it would be great!