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Description. Take 3. New page.
"We have too many words to describe the game fully and clearly...
We guess it's because of the emotions and excitement about our creation -
it is the conceptual action RPG-adventure with survival elements.
We believe there are some people who could fall in love with it for some time. Like we are in love now.
We would be glad if you like it and don't care much if dislike. We wanted the game we exactly dream to play and made it.
But, we also promise to read all constructive critics and make improvements where possible. 

Now about what you need to know about GAME:
During this adventurous fable, in both - fantasy and sci-fi settings at once, you may:
1. Slash monsters in the arctic caves and dungeons
2. Face the importance of your needs and wishes, craft and cook
3. Studying and training barbaric skills
4. Reduce your taxes and have massages while climbing on a social ladder
5. Find powerful battle friends
6. Do your boring office job or be fired
7. Leave your boring job and became a space-traveler (and a gangster in the future)
8. Saving your money and trading on the stock exchange
9. Do shopping: cars, ships, spaceships, apartments, jewelry or collectible alcohol - and whatever else you want.
10. Play games or read the news

In addition to that - the game is in the early access now and we plan to develop it more in the future. There are a few more things now in our wishlist for this GAME. They are something like these:
* spaceship modifications (weapons, armor and cargo, electronics, engines)
* set up your criminal space empire with pirating and illegal producing
* blacksmith management (with unique weapon receipts, production technology upgrading and managing your staff)
* opportunity to became a town-counselor and manage your city for a start and the kingdom - for later "


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Читал ваш пост на DTF, но по ссылке не переходил. А тут - случайно наткнулся. Видимо таки судьба попробовать! Нормально вы кстати тут с голосованием продвинулись. Пишите еще статьи, и бацайте такие игрушки. И выходите в стим!


Haven't saw such a complicated and mixed with features and settings game for a long time. And that's with an RPG maker! Great job! Hope you will make in the future things you are talking about at "In addition to that..." paragraph.


+1, Mario
Couldn't say better